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There is help for parents of addicted individuals.



Dear Parents:


There is a new approach to help parents of children (of any age) who have become addicted to drugs called "Purposeful Empowerment for Parents of Addicted Individuals" .   

The very first thing we do in this program is dramatically reduce the crippling emotional pain that comes with having a daughter or son who is abusing drugs. You will feel the effects right away, and you will learn to use this tool whenever you need it.


This program teaches you to recognize and respond to manipulation.  And it helps you figure out what is really important to you and what you can do to increase your happiness. 


This is a transformative program. As you actively work through the modules, it facilitates a transition from painful desperation to a state of purposeful empowerment. You can improve your life!


If you or parents you know need help dealing with a child’s addiction, please call 301-685-0001 or send email to today to set up a free no-risk 20-minute Empowerment Strategy Session to start brainstorming how to transform your life.


Read the free eBook: "5 Intentions for Parents of Addicted Individuals"

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