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Purposeful Empowerment:
Getting a Handle on Life with an Addicted Loved One

The Purposeful Empowerment program involves frank discussion and interactive exercises, combined with a powerful healing modality that will help to release painful emotions and relieve stress. We will use EFT (tapping) during every module to help reduce stress, sadness, and feelings of desperation. This program’s goal is to support you in the overall improvement of your quality of daily life.  It will help you to gain inner strength that will improve interpersonal communication in all areas of your life.

You will be given access to a private "Purposeful Empowerment for Parents" or "Purposeful Empowerment for Significant Others" Facebook page where you can be part of the community to ask questions and post comments when you need encouragement or just need to vent.  


Module 1

Start to heal - Shift from despair to intention.


Handout:  Stress Reduction Worksheet

Bonus:  Tapping video

This first module will include tools to:


  • Shrink painful emotions.

  • Sleep better.

  • improve your outlook on life.

  • Reduce overall stress.


Module 2

Design a happier lifestyle - Take time for love.


Handout:  Taking Time for Love Worksheet


Decide to set aside time for yourself and each other.  Release any hesitation, guilt, or other feelings that may be bothering you.


  • Improve health by limiting stressful activities

  • Bring more happiness into your daily life

  • Improve how you relate to each other

  • Feel love growing in your family


Module 3

Explore Communication Techniques - Replace apprehension with conviction.


Handouts: Ready Response Worksheet; Lorelei Rozzano poem


Be ready to respond to manipulative talk.  Empower yourselves to handle difficult situations.  Work together to determine your boundaries. 


  • Learn to spot manipulative talk, and

  • Know what to say.

  • Feel the relief of having a plan of action.

  • Improve your ability to stand your ground. 


Module 4

Define some goals - Stride forward with fresh objectives.


Handout:  Goal setting worksheet


Start bringing more positive energy and love into your family life.  Identify goals to help you stay present and moving forward.  Clear resistance to standing your ground.


  • Actualize the wish to live with purpose.

  • Feel the satisfaction of pursuing wholesome goals.

  • Wake up each day with a positive intention.


Module 5

Stay on track - Live for now


Review our work and fine tune it.  Start making your goals a reality.


  • Gain confidence by having a plan in place

  • Clear up lingering doubts and runaway emotions

  • Reinforce determined strategy for dealing with manipulative behaviors


Please send an email for more information to

Live Online Workshop 

Fee for all 5 sessions:  $59.00 

Up to two people may participate on a single device.
Five 2-hour sessions includes 60-90 minutes of group tapping each week

1 makeup may be made available if needed at an agreed-upon time and date.

Register now using PayPal
or call (301) 685-0001 to discuss payment options


In-person Workshops available by arrangement.  

Fees for in-person workshops include written materials and a bonus individual online tapping session.

Local In-person fees:  $397 for 2 parents 
Required minimum of 8 participants from at least 5 households.
Fees for workshops requiring travel will rise to cover the cost of leader’s travel expenses.

Please write to to discuss setting up an in-person workshop in your area.

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