Come to Know and Love Your Genuine Self

Grady was a loving child with loving parents. When he was born, his mother and father held him and looked adoringly into his face. They cooed and smiled a lot and he was safe in their embrace. He was loved, and as he grew, he knew he was loved. His parents encouraged him to explore and grow and learn.

But when Grady started school, something happened. The kindergarten teacher didn't like him. There was no particular reason, she just didn't connect with him. She would be just a little bit short-tempered with him. Even she didn't really understand it. The other children sensed the teacher's feelings toward Grady, and they shunned him, choosing other playmates over him. At first, Grady didn't notice that the other children weren't playing with him, but after a little while, he did start to notice. He went home one day and asked his mother why the other children didn't play with him. His mother was concerned and went to see the teacher.

The teacher smiled and said Grady was a lovely child and she didn't see any reason why the other children wouldn't like him. But she promised that she would make an effort to ensure that he was socially engaged. True to her word, the teacher made sure that Grady was accepted into play groups in school. But the seed of doubt had been planted.

Over the next few years, Grady had some trouble fitting in. Even though that kindergarten teacher made an effort to see that Grady was included in games and activities, his sense of not belonging had been set. In the following years, he could often be seen standing off to the side during recess or at lunchtime.

Grady was successful in his scholastic endeavors. He went to college, got a degree in business. He had a few friends, but mostly he focused on his schoolwork. He met a woman in college and they got married, and had children. He loved his wife and his children.

So what's wrong? Sounds like a good life, right? But there was something amiss in Grady's life. It was an edge that was always there. It was as if a tran