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Addiction in the family

As the loved one of a person struggling with addiction, I went through many phases. I wanted to fix it, first and foremost. I lost sleep. I neglected other friends and family. It was a truly difficult time in my life.

I found a group meeting which I attended for many years. The meetings provided a safe place to talk about my situation and to hear that others were facing the same difficulties. I worked through the meeting's program and the results were profound. Not only did I feel better but all my interpersonal activities improved, especially with my loved ones.

I had been on a journey to find inner peace for decades and out of the dark cloud of addiction came a silver lining of personal recovery that I never expected to find. It opened my heart and my mind to entirely new possibilities.

And then I found EFT. EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques and it is truly amazing. It is a method that uses tapping techniques to clear the stuck emotional responses to triggers that occur in our daily lives. I did a little tapping and was so surprised at the results that I decided to study and become a practitioner to help others.

EFT helps the tapper to break automatic negative responses with remarkable speed. Anger, disappointment and distress become more manageable in days or weeks. I have known people who have been going to therapy for years who have been able to clear their emotional blockages in just a few sessions of tapping. Even a single session will usually bring a significant measure of lasting relief.

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