Affirmations and Goal Visualizations with Tapping

Affirmations and Goal Visualizations with Tapping

I was listening to a new tapping script for alleviating anxiety on the Internet and then read the comments. Most people were very positive, but there were several who said while it reduced their anxiety, it didn’t get them to a calm state, and one even said it increased their anxiety levels considerably. I got to thinking about it and wanted to investigate the causes. In so doing, I came to think about the differences between tapping, affirmations, goal visualization, and meditation as means to reduce stress in our lives.

All four of these modalities play a tremendous part in our spiritual and emotional healing, but they don’t necessarily work well when you try to package them together. In fact, I assert that including affirmations in your tapping can weaken the overall effects so dramatically as to make them almost unnoticeable.

Affirmations and Goal Visualizations

In the title, I deliberately grouped affirmations with goal visualization. They are the left and right hand of making things happen with your thoughts.

Many years ago, when my husband and daughter and I were about to embark on a new adventure following my husband’s college graduation, we were facing the difficult task of finding an apartment with affordable rent. After exhausting all possibilities I was about to despair when I came to the amazing discovery that it was actually possible to buy a home at lower cost than any rental, and that we could actually afford to do it. We put a deposit on a very tiny condo on a busy street in Hartford, Connecticut near my husband’s first engineering position after graduating as an electrical engineer from the University of Connecticut.